TS5: Ability to clear all pokes

It would be extremely handy for a “Clear all pokes” option. Some people who use TS3 have the Lua plugin allowing them to spam poke someone x amount of times within a time frame, I could have up to 1 thousand pokes I have to manually clear, maybe shift-clicking the clear button could clear all of them instead of just the newest 3?

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Screenshot 2022-07-16 221932

you can go to “dismiss all” to hide the pokes on the current server or am I misunderstanding your suggestion?

It only dismisses the 3 newest pokes / events

But then the feature is misleading. You will still be able to make 3 clicks with the mouse. “Dissmiss all” should also remove all events/pokes. I agree with @callumok2004!

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