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Just applied for the TS5 beta badge, is there any indication of how long this can take?It said check from time to time or something like that, but is that hours? days? weeks? etc.

And since applying/installing the TS5 - my admin role is gone on my TS3

Also tryed to connect my Twitch to TS… but it says; “connection request in progress” how long does this usaly take? (just for an indication)


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Afaik there are no new waves for registered users, however the codes MULTIPASS and REHGAMING should still work.

Make sure the identity on which you have those permissions are synced in TS3 and selected in the bookmark.

The Twitch API V5 was deprecated roughly 5 years ago and finally shut down this February, so you can’t expect the TeamSpeak developers to be that quick. /S

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Thanks for the quick response!!

The Multipass worked.

And how can i translate the permissions to TS5? The bookmarker ting is different…
But for TS3 it worked

The twitch thing is completely understandable then

Make sure you are logged in and synchronization is set to automatic.

Go to Tools -> Identities and click on Go advanced at the bottom.
Then you should see local and synced identities. Make sure all identities are synced.

Go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks and click on Go Advanced aswell.
Here also all bookmarks should be synced and have the correct identity assigned.

If you don’t use a bookmark to connect to the server you need to create one first.

Now restart TS5 to make sure all data get’s synced properly. Then you should be able to connect with your old identity and have all permissions.

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You are the best! Thanks

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