TS5 annoyances as a 7+ years TS3 client user

I have some improvements ideas for ts5 that are a huge annoyance as somebody who’s been using ts3 for over 7 years:

  • Cannot hide the right side panel at all, so I cant see chats and server list only. ts3 is half screen, ts5 3/4 of the screen because of this
  • When using textchat, its impossible to press arrow up key to scroll through last sent messages, as in ts3. Have to scroll up each time to send the same thing again, then select copy and paste manually.
  • I have a lot of serverquery connections going on, which in ts3 is not a problem, as I can hide query client logs in server event logs. In ts5, theres no such toggle, so server events is a massive unreadable spam of query clients connecting.

Is there a chance those 3 small things could be reimplemented into ts5?

Another additional thing, would be to allow selecting all clients on the server, which is useful for server admins, when making annoucements right now, for example to poke all clients.
In ts3 there is mass poke plugin, which now doesnt support latest ts3 client and ts5 client cannot select all clients, only one by one.

There’s a high chance I might have missed something, as I still use ts3 and this is my yet another attempt to go TS5, so sorry if I did miss something, but I’ve asked several ts5 daily users and they also didnt know.

This is not true, as can be hidden when resizing the Client. or example it is also possible to have only one column visible at the given time.

Slim mode:

Slim mode with collapsed (left) sidebar

This is possible when you use Shift or Ctrl and Left-Click


When you have selected multiple users, you can right click them and send them all a poke or message.

  1. When You go above 500px width of the main channel list, the right panel will always appear and there’s nothing we can do to hide the right panel, while the left panel has this nice arrow:


Meanwhile right panel has no arrow and only collapses if it’s 500 pixels or below in width.

I always had ts3 at nearly half of 1080p screen, so about 960 pixels in width, which is now impossible, as the right panel appears as soon as we cross 500 pixels and it’s impossible to hide, as opposed to the left panel.

Some people might want to just fullscreen main channels list on 1080p or larger resolution screen, which can’t be done, as there’s always right side panel appearing at 500px or greater width of the inner channel list.

In ts3, we could completely collapse chats or channel info on the bottom and on the right side and also server banner was always shown along with server icon, clickable in the client.

Now we can’t have the main server list on fullscreen, there is no constant server banner visible nor the server logo, which were both visible in TS3 (and I think were a flagship cool feature of teamspeak, which I hope would be brought back), but still the right side panel cannot be collapsed at widths at above 500pixels.

Why is that annoying? As the layout in general seems to be larger, wider and less “slim”, even if all of the compact layouts available in ts5 settings are selected, as opposed to ts3 which was very compact and nice by default, so if some clients have long nickname, prefix in chat, ts badges, ts groups, country, then their nicknames are very cramed up and ts5 cannot be made wide enough so it’s not cramped up, because the right panel keeps reappearing at >500px width.

  1. I suppose that confirms that there is no up-arrow key chat history, unlike in ts3, so You cant quickly send the same but slightly different message, by simply pressing up arrow, then left arrow and just using keyboard. Now we’d need to use mouse to scroll up to previous message, highlight the previous message, copy and then click back into chat textbox and paste.

  2. Right now I dont see any server query connected/disconnected in server logs, but we do definitely need some toggle for this in settings, as in some cases it might be very important to monitor any query connections and in other cases, we don’t want to see any server query connected/disconnected, as it was easily possible to change in ts3 settings.

  3. You’re not selecting all clients. You select only part of the clients that You can see on Your screen and then adding up the parts together, manually, scroll of the screen by scroll of the screen.
    Try to do the same on the official public teamspeak server and select all clients on the server at once.
    Now imagine that You need to do it 2 more times, as You need to send 3 pokes in total to all clients on the server, while doing a few more things at the same time, so You only have like 2 minutes to poke everybody.

I think much better solution would be to have CTRL+A bound as select all clients on the server, maybe locked down behind some advanced settings or only available for server admins, for security reasons.
That way it would be both intuitive and fast, if needed.

Especially if the servers are more populated and have higher rotation of users, You’ll be spending minutes scrolling through and selecting people and then part of those people would already leave the server and part of people would join the server, so You’ll be poking non-existent clients and then not poking the new clients that just joined while You were busy shift + left click selecting the clients.

Thanks a lot for Your answer, I’d be interested to learn any alternatives or workarounds, but AFAIK, there aren’t any right now, hence my suggestions that I hope might be implemented into TS5, so the transition from TS3 to TS5 would be a breeze for everybody, when TS5 goes out of beta.

I understand the need for this; personally, it’s not a problem for me, but it would still be nice to have. In any way, I don’t consider this a (high) priority. Some features are needed much more.

This was dropped in favor of editing the last sent message. As you can only edit messages in the matrix / global chat, it only works there. I would also sometimes miss the way it worked in TS3. BUT, to be honest, it was mainly used to spam but I can’t remember to have ever seen this used in a constructive way. Nonetheless, the best option would probably be to have this configurable.

Yes, you absolutely can see query event. Just not in the small popup view. See here:

Just click on the first client, scroll down, and shift-click on the last. This should never take longer than a few seconds.
When poking, the selection remains, so you can send as many pokes as you want to all clients.
Ctrl+A might still be nice, but why should users be selected and not say all messages, all contacts, or whatever…
Anyway, in my opinion, if you want to poke all users on a server with hundreds of users you are managing your server wrong, but that’s just my opinion. But I’m open to learning why this could be useful and better than host notifications.


As @Gamer92000 said, you can see all server query connections, you just have to turn them on to see them (if you haven’t already).


Thank You very much guys, I see it is now a little bit different, glad to hear half of what I mentioned is already possible.

I suppose the only 2 potential issues remaining right now are:

  • Right panel being impossible to collapse over 500px width of channel list, unlike left panel
  • Up arrow not keeping the history of last sent chats

Up arrow to send previous message is quite helpful especially when testing musicbots or when somebody does not see some message in the past, or a typo in link was made, which would only require up arrow, backspace and enter to fix the link with additional char at the end.

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Check this out, TS5 already has yet another, different feature that allows collapsing the right side Beta Test group chat!
Sadly, the right panel with chat/info, remains impossible to collapse manually, either below 500px and its collapsed, or above 500px and its shown. It doesnt have the small arrows like left panel and it does not have the nifty “expand” nor “close”, like the group chats on the right side do.

This just seems to confirm to me that right side panel being impossible to collapse beyond 500px of width was not intentional or at least not much attention was dedicated to it.

So to wrap it up:

  1. Make right panel great again (collapsible/closeable like left side bar or right side group chat)

  2. Allow to press arrow up key to scroll through last sent text messages.

  3. Optionally - Allow to always show server banner/server icon - just like on the good old TS3.
    Right now the banner is only visible if somebody clicks on the server name, which in normal use case of TS5 by the clients, is once when connecting, for a few seconds and then never again.
    Regarding logo - Sure, it is visible, but not clickable anymore.

This makes both server logo and banner nearly useless, clicking logo will no longer go to the website assigned on logo click, like on ts3.

Any benefits from having dynamic banner, that shows client count, current datettime or other interesting stuff like it always did on TS3 are there, but given that server banner is not always visible anymore, the banners usefulness was greatly reduced, since realistically, users will only see it for splits of a second, before joining some channel and never seeing the server info page again, until they restart the teamspeak or manally click the server name on top, which realistically, nobody will do.

I specifically wrote point 3 as optional, since I have hopes there are some plans to do something about the logo and banner in the future, maybe better than ts3 did it.
But as it is currently with Teamspeak 5.0.0-beta77, both logo and banner are not as functional or visible as they were in TS3, which I think would definitely be good to reimplement again, maybe in a different form, but without pushing it deep into menus, like it is currently with the server banner .

Is there any better place to report those 2 improvements/annoyances or here, as I just did would be enough, so it would reach somebody from TeamSpeak Team?
Not really sure where would be the best place, here seems to be the best.

In my above image, You can see all the remaining issues described.

We could go one step further than this and make the right side info/chat collapsible AND also possible to move to the bottom, like the old ts3.

Teamspeak 3 meanwhile, not cluttered, server icon on top, if I want to have right side panel or chat, I can remove both, I can keep one or the other, not possible anymore with TS5.

the “slim” and “compact” ts5 is still badly cluttered and is nowhere close to how compact TS3 could be, by just dragging UI elements.
Which I believe could be easily solved by allowing to close/open the right side panel and perhaps allowing dragging it to the bottom or maybe allowing the old chat location via a toggle in settings, so right panel keeps the same behavior as left panel.

Hope this makes it easier to fully understand the issues with TS5, that I’m reporting and which could make a lot of people abandon teamspeak, since ts3 cant handle playback sounds on pc sleep/wake up (playback goes into disabled, switching in ts3 playback device works, but then the noise cancellation doesnt work at all - until TS3 is closed and started again) and TS5 is just so annoying to use because of the reasons mentioned.

I believe that apart form server banner and up arrow key, the right bar being impossible to open/close or move at will, is a bug, based on latest changelogs:

Fixed categories moving around when a scrollbar appears in the sidebar
Fixed not being able to drag and drop sidebar section

Fixed sidebar showing expand indicator when it would not do anything because the client window is too small

Not sure if it really is a bug or a desired behavior, because of the not do anything because the client window is too small, but I hope we will be able to close completely the right side bar…

The teamspeak5 seems to DEVOLVE, the more I use it, the more annoyed I get.

Sure, the UI LOOKS a bit better, but the usability is horrible - and here we are, 3 months later and again there’s no reply to this thread.

I guess I’ll wait 1 more month and if no Staff replies here, I’ll create a new thread, extracting all current and remaining issues.

Teamspeak is already killing itself by taking millenias for any simple feature/change/upgrade. For all these years I was excusing Teamspeak team that their users rely on stability.

But there’s a fine line between stability and the project being just severely unmaintained, which I seriously think is happening in front of our eyes.

EDIT: I just wanted to check the pricing and the subpage returns 404 :slight_smile:

The ship has sailed long time when Discord launched, keep ignoring Your users Teamspeak team, wait even more for the simplest of features to be added and I guarantee that Teamspeak is soon going to become Mumble, which nobody is using anymore.
(With all respect to mumble, they do seem to care about UX and they don’t charge so expensive prices for servers, while supporting the richest server admins with free licenses, like the Teamspeak team does. Because why support those that need the support? It’s not gonna bring any money, so teamspeak team instead supports the biggest players that don’t need any help and just ignores the rest. It’s truly infuriating, because the big players the teamspeak supports, will turn away as soon as there’s a better alternative. )

I was hyping everybody about Teamspeak5 - finally becoming a proper competition to discord, and the more I use it, the more pissed I get. Add basically NO new features in TS5 and a lot of features MISSING in TS5, topped with a lot of stupid hardcoding in TS5, which TS3 never had and it’s really going downhill, going downhill really hard and fast…

WTF is the reason that all these additonal groups needs to be hidden?

Here’s a second screenshot, where I put everything on LARGE, DETAILED - the polar opposite of compact and guess what? Nothing changed at all, it remains as useless as it was in the smallest and most compact mode.

TS5 seems to be really like 1 step forwards and 30 steps back.
Who cares about the nice UI, when the actual app is 30 steps behind in usability?..
The more I use it, the more issues I come across and as we see, most of them result from intentional code, as it seems TS5 is more about design than usability.

UI Changes and improvements are needed sure.
But it seems like somebody decided to “redesign teamspeak”, but doesn’t really feel the UX/User experience perspective.


  1. Can we FINALLY have some ability to popup server logs/server chat from the bottom like we could in TS3?
  2. Can we FINALLY have the ability to completely hide the right side bar or expand it to max? Just like the left panel already is?
  3. Can we have some option to display all groups the user has, instead of +1/+3?
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For your icon problem there is a solution. Not easy when you don’t know where to search, but you can change it.