[TS5 b70] Playback device resets every launch

I use an Elgato Wave:3 which creates a lot of virtual audio devices.
When I set it to my Elgato Voice Chat output, it works just fine as long as I use the app, but whenever I close it and open it back, my playback device is reset to the one at the bottom of the list (Elgato Music, in my case).

This is quite annoying because my audio channels are obviously set up differently.

The rest seems working all right so far.

That’s it for my feedback.
Wish you the best.

Do you close your Elgato App or do you mean TeamSpeak?

I think the Elgato App is Managing Virtual Audio Channels, when you restart the App, the Software would probably restart the Virtual Audio Service and TS detects the Device as missing and does not recognize the reconnect.

The virtual device may receive a new ID that TS cannot assign. (There were also problems with Windows updates earlier)

Since I don’t own the Elgato software, I imagine this as the only reason.