TS5 Beta - Chat

I’m an avid user of TS and I lead groups in my games on a daily basis. I prefer to keep the TS window itself relatively small, so it doesn’t take up more than about 1/3rd, maybe 1/4th of my screen.

With that said, I’ve started using TS5 beta and am having problems viewing the chat. I’ve got some folks that run with me, but don’t speak, and instead they only type in the chat window. I’m unable to view what they’ve said if they say it at the top level of the server chat at all. If they type something in the specific audio channel we’re in, I have to click to another window to view it, and then I can’t see who else is in the channel anymore. The only other option, which isn’t an option btw, is to make the TS window really large and take up 50% or more of my screen to view the chat window and see who is online. This still doesn’t resolve the top level chat channel that I cannot see at all unless I load up the old TS.


Yeah, chat definitely needs to be reworked to be more immersive.

Btw It’s been mentioned for the wishlist here https://community.teamspeak.com/t/wishlist/1436/15?u=theergn

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I guess overall I just don’t understand this new version of TS. It’s absolutely horrible to me and it seems like there are less options than the TS3 software had. All they really did was move where everything was and made it less user friendly (in my opinion).

It’s so bad to me that I’ve gone back to TS3 again.

Another thing to consider is this is built from the ground up and is native to each platform. Nothing comparable to discord which uses electron.

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I’m not comparing it to Discord. I personally don’t like Discord because the audio quality isn’t as good for me and my group members. I am however comparing it to TS3, which is currently 10,000% better.

If what Fake said above is true, that TS5 doesn’t have the rest of the features added, then so be it. I’ll wait until the final release. I was simply commenting that I will NOT be using it the way it is as it’s worse than TS3.


my question is this thou, for the beta ver. of TS, has anyone fiqured out how to make make server groups for certain rooms channels made??? i am stumped on that end. but so far its fine… just learning this as i go. one other thing to report is dont leave the beta ver. on with other things, the computer restarted on its own. i am sure it was the program or to many things running. limit yourself when testing playing around the beta ver.

I am not quite sure what exactly you want to do. But I can tell you there is currently no permissions system so you can not create or edit any server or channel groups.
This thread is about the actual chat of TS5 so next time please just open a new thread if you are not sure.

my first impressions of TS5s text chat system arent good.
not sure how this is gonna be received but i want something wayyyyy closer to the way discord does it.

like it or not, discord is the big dog at the park right now and their chat system is a large part of why.

hopefully this gets a major overhaul.

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