Ts5 beta - signed up months ago, nothing

Is this like, normal? As i said, ive registered months ago, and i’ve received no email, and theres no update on the beta teamspeak page.

iam waiting over 2 years and nothing :slight_smile: no stress :slight_smile:

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Just so you know, there are no emails sent anymore until January 2020. Now, if you signed up for second batch of beta access, you’ll get it in some time exclusively by TeamSpeak for your myTS account.

do you mean Jan. 2022, or?

No, 2020, last year.

If you haven’t received your codes via email by January 2020, you need to register for beta once again on beta.teamspeak.com.

ah, which i registered after Jan. of 2020, but still nothing, i assume im just unlucky.

Then just wait. If you registered for the second batch, you’ll get your access eventually. Check you myTS account if you have ”Testing. Testing.” badge or try logging onto site from last post.

If you’ll be able to log in and download client, you have access.

Are you still on the waiting list ? -> beta page


Then you have to wait

wave 5 is comming today @WTU

Closing this topic before it goes a similar way to before.