[Ts5] Blurred background hostmessage

Hello, I’m not sure if this bug is already known or if it is even a bug.

The following problem: If a server has a host message that pops up the screen remains blurred until you click on okay (as it is intended) but if you do not press okay and select the server name in the server tree, the actions happen in the background but it remains blurred.

My idea would be that it removes the welcome message at any click in the server area.

This is the intention of having this dialog blocking you from doing anything you could do with any mouse click.
Sure we do not block what happens on the server. Why should we do this :slight_smile:

Just press the Continue button.


in my humble opinion, it wouldn’t be a good idea to discard the message with any click.
These messages are meant to be red and you should not have the possibility to discard by accident.


Okay, your answers make more sense than my idea, convinced!
Let’s hope that the color support comes back soon.

//pls close this thread

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