[TS5 Bug] "About" section bug

On the about section, the drop downs of Open Source Licenses and Terms and Conditions are not working, you can click it but it doesn’t do nothing

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Can reproduce this.
These drop down buttons shouldn’t be there. There is nothing to show as a dropdown.

Till that is fixed: you can click on the text to open what you wanted.


Did i get the bug catcher badge :P?

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They have never gave away these Badge because it would be auch a pain to give it to everyone who found a Bug. Same goes for the Idea Badge.

Actually, I’ve already seen a few. If I were Teamspeak, I would award the badge to people who report security-related bugs or have already reported a certain number. Otherwise, you’d always have to give one out for every bug, as @LeonMarcelHD said.

But asking doesn’t cost anything ^^

Maybe these were not assigned by TeamSpeak themself. It is possible to get a Badge by granting it yourself. I heard that they have not given out any of them. (May not be right)

Beta 57 will enable the buttons and do the same as you would click elsewhere in that line.