[TS5 BUG] Chinese typing problem

when i type ceshi in Chinese input method, it happend:

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After the new version is updated, this bug still exists

Hi, Amazing update! But my old problem still exist → [TS5 BUG] Chinese typing problem - TeamSpeak Client - TeamSpeak i can’t type a complete sentence.

Like I wanna type “Nihao” and it goes to be “nnni’ni’hni’ha你好oahi”


5.0.0 beta74

This is not issue if you type in the search box

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@staff anyidea?

I did not test it, but I am pretty sure this relates to the chat’s rich text editor.
Could you try to disable it under SettingsBehaviourText Editing?
This is not a perfect solution as emojis won’t be rendered, and you won’t see italic, bold, crossed out, spoiler, or code highlighting, but it should at least allow you to enter text correctly.


Hi, I just tested that and it works! Now the input is normal, hope you can fix this bug in the future :):slight_smile:

It seems to happen each time the bar below makes a suggestion. No matter if typed or when arrows in that bar got pressed.

Good Catch.

I made a ticket for the devs. But can not promise when this will be fixed.


When entering other non-English text in my room chat box, the order of letters and words will be confused

It’s a known problem. Check out this thread:

Next client Beta 77 (no release date yet) will fix that issue with Chinese input while Rich Text editor is enabled.


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Rime and Microsoft Korean IME all cant work correctly on ts5
Rime: rime/librime: Rime Input Method Engine, the core library (github.com)

Hi, what exactly doesn’t work?

You got a screenshot?

Is it that problem? This one will be fixed with next beta update.


Chinese IME problem is alike. Korean is not

Then it is the mentioned issue.

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