TS5 [BUG] Performance Issues

I realized over the last few days, if teamspeak is running for a long time, it will start to consume a lot of CPU power, up to continuously 30%.

If I restart the client it will be back at 2-5% for the next few hours.

System: Windows 10 Pro 1903
CPU: i5 6660k
Teamspeak Version: 5.0.0-beta.22


Can you please give us more details?
What is a long time and what happens on the server and how many group or peer chats do you have active or listed? Is it a lot?


I noticed that I also have a lot of resources after long use, more than 600 mb of RAM


Sorry for replying so late, forgot to check the forum :slight_smile:
Long time is about a week continous running of the client.
On the server is not happening much: <15 clients, 2-3 peer chats