Ts5 Bug report 2

Hello TeamSpeak Community,

I like to report today some bugs…

My First Problem is, that the Code Functions writes my Message double out.
So if I use ``````content``` its writing the Message twice.

Next Error is that I can use not many tags which some Languages use, like the PHP Start Tag:


It crashes my current private Chat, and I can’t write anything until I restart Ts5.

Thanks for your Help.

Just click the red X on the first one and the other messages should send.


Okay, but that’s makes no sense for me.
This bug is not new, and gets no fix.

I am sorry, but I am very disappointed with TeamSpeak, the Beta start was so good and now the Updates are only a few fixes, very boring.

There were Big Updates and not only a few UI Edits or sometimes one fix.

Best Regards

That’s not a bug.

The message got blocked from Cloudflare and never got send to the messenger service.
The client is build the way to get a reply that a message was send to keep all messages in same order.
Since your message wasn’t send the others also will not send till you act with that blocked message.