[Ts5] Chat Image is not hidden

i have found a bug where the clicked image of the chat does not disappear if you select a new chat in the left pane, meaning the image remains open even though you change the chat.

I don’t think this is really a bug, because you didn’t close the image, but only “minimized” it while you were in another chat.

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True, but still, that would be a great feature…

What exactly would be a great feature? Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but you first said it was a bug, so what would the feature be?

It would be great if the picture would disappear automatically if you choose another chat.

Well, I talked to @Drazzild about it. You can compare it with a browser. When you jump between different tabs, it’s the same.

Of course, there’s certainly a way to close it as soon as you switch chats, but I think if, for example, you have to find an image in a chat first, then open it, and then go to another chat to look something up, and then want to go back to the previous chat with the image, it’s actually more convenient to have the image open again instead of having to scroll to find it again.

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I totally agree with @Cornelius :heart:


Okay, that’s right. makes more sense.

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