TS5 Client and server suggestions + sponsors idea

Good to the entire TS5 community, first of all apologize for my English, since I use parts for the google translator, but I hope you understand the suggestions I make.

For the client:
• I propose to add at the bottom of the screen, as it appeared on the old TS3 that you can see your Ping (which comes out by default or that can be activated later.

• Option to clear cache automatically when disconnecting from a server, or when closing teamspeak completely, also manually from the TS5 configuration.

• Menu for changing the client’s default language and / or operating system language detection.

• The banner of the channel when clicking / accessing that appears well adjusted in the upper right, can also be independent of the general banner of the channels, in order to give more customization possibilities. I enclose a graphic image so that you understand what I mean.

• Basic permissions system (I know you are working on it) but I have attached a proposal that would help a lot and would be much easier to do certain things, such as limiting channels to certain specific server groups, and also modifying the permissions of each group server with basic permissions of what they can and what not on the server.

For the server:
• As there is a message in TS3 with movement at the bottom of the screen, it could also be added in TS5 or add a news section linked to a screen within the client itself with news from all Teamspeak sponsors, either presentations of new sponsors , tournaments and competitions of the members, … or also that the sponsors themselves can publish from the web in a section enabled to the CEO / Founders or people authorized to publish on behalf of all the clubs, and that these news come out both in an area of ​​the teamspeak - sponsors website as integrated into the client itself.

• There is also the idea of ​​linking the server to a Twitter account and leaving what I said before, a scroll text with the latest tweet and / or news created, all of this being integrated into the client and server.

• Finally, the possibility of verifying the Teamspeak, some badge on the visible server, the server name zone of a remarkable color or some other means that is identifiable as said server is officially sponsored by Teamspeak, for example, a brand of water verifying this or the same server information.

Best regards to all.