TS5 client uploading images to cloud


I am self hosting a free / unlicensed teamspeak server in kubernetes using the latest image available on docker hub.

I have the voice udp port and the filetransfer tcp port exposed via a service and the service exposed via a loadbalancer.

Both work great.

However when i upload images to a channel using the teamspeak 5 client, the images are not present in the persistent volume (server storage). I am running the “find” command inside the container and these images are nowhere to be found. Am I missing something?

Are these images even meant to be stored on the server?

Uploading an image via the filetransfer menu works fine as mentioned earlier.

It is just the image attachment that raises my concerns regarding the self-host approach.

Thank you in advance for helping me regarding this matter!

Placing an image to channel chat input will upload it to our myTS service and that image will be deleted from server after 30 days. No FT traffic or permissions or routing are needed for any server in that case.

Only the TS File transfer will upload it to your server folder. But the client must then open the filetransfer dialog of a channel and then copy the link to the file into the chat input.

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Thank you for the prompt reply!

Any chance this feature could use server storage instead of cloud storage in the future?

Honestly no. This would be a step backwards.

But if you have any security concerns then you still can use it the old fashioned way with the TS file transfer.


Understood, thank you for your help!