TS5 code

Hi, could anyone give me the beta code from teamspeak 5? if you write to PM

You can only get a beta code if you are on the Beta Waiting List on https://beta.teamspeak.com/ otherwise you will not be able to get a code.

You dont get a code. The Badge will directly added to the myTeamSpeak Account. :slight_smile:

Yes I know but it is indirect the same :nerd_face:

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when will my badge be added?

If you are on the Beta waiting list you need to wait until a Wave is send out and you are one of the lucky people who will gain access in this wave.

Five_Alive will keep you updated in this Thread: Closed beta access

I can’t make an prediction, when you will gain access to the Beta.

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can you tell me how long this wave will last? , the code still didn’t come to me.

Normally every week you should can expect a Wave but when you just signed up recently than you should not expect to be in one of the next few Waves.

In a Wave are houndrets of people who get acces to the Beta at the same time.

You didn’t get a code, after the registration if you are one of the lucky people the badge will auto-assign to you and than you have access to the Teamspeak 5 beta.