TS5 Connection status bug

After losing connection to a Teamspeak server on the TS5 client, when clicking on connection status all statuses (Packet loss (in and out), Ping and idle time) appear grey as apposed to normal, and only come back after restarting the client.
TS5 Bug

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Thanks for the report. We have the issue on our list.


Just to signal that, when we switch between different connection cards (ethernet,wifi,) the connection status stay freeze on the last report before the switch, same thing when i right click on myself to get the connection info.
But if i use another instance the connection reports looks good.
There is another post on approximatively the same problem for connection lost so i guess the problem is not resolved since.
Good luck

Can not find the post but as you did mention we know about it and did not touch it yet.
The connection to server was cut so the issue is the same.


I was not sure if you was aware that both connection info on the client and server side was freeze.

You can lock.

Ahh could not find it by using Connection info or information… Tnx!

Not a big deal that you report it :slight_smile:


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Idk if it’s already known.

I was speaking in my server with the connection info panel open, when my internet connection crashed.

After the auto reconnect of the client, the connection info panel was stuck like this:


(Yeah, the PL was the reason of the crash lol)
I tried closing and reopening that tab, disconnecting and reconnecting to the server, but it was stuck. The only way to have it back was to restart the client.

There was no crash of the client and logs show no error (obviously except the timeout)

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So I’ve been using this new 5.0.0-beta63 version of Teamspeak, I lost my internet connection (timed out) and when I reconnected to the server I’ve been on, my connection status bugged out and didn’t show me correct informations.

Here’s a screenshot:

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Connection Status stops working after disconnect from server and will start working only after closing and restarting team speak…

Ts5 all betas since now.

It has been reported multiple times and is a known bug since 2020.

It can be fixed fixesdby closing server (disconnect manually) and rejoin server. no need to restart client application itself.