TS5 Disconnects from server and wont reconnect. TS3 no problem

Are there any logs on the client side I can look at to try and figure out what’s happening when the TS5 client disconnects? I’ve never been present when it happens but I’ll get back to my computer and the client is disconnected and unable to reconnect on its own. I have to exit the app and restart it. When I’m running the TS3 client I don’t see this behavior.

Logs are stored in


When your client can not reconnect in new tab then the socket that was opened for this server tab is still in use and was not freed when client timed out. It should not happen but it happens and the problem could be anywhere in out software or in drivers or firewall etc.

Here a new server tab does fix it and a client restart is not needed.

Ps TS3 had the same problem.

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