[TS5] Downtime Extended

Earlier today, we announced in the Beta Rooms a scheduled maintenance for the Global Chat at 1pm CEST with an estimated downtime of two hours. Unfortunately, we need to extend the downtime by another 1-2 hours until we fix the issues we encountered.

We will update this thread as soon as we have more information available.

We thank you for your patience.



We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ongoing issue with our chat server and we would like to assure everyone that we are doing everything in our power to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

We do not have any timeframe to share with you at the moment regarding when the chat system will be back online. However, please be assured that we are fully committed to getting everything back up and running as soon as we can.

Thank you


Update: We’re back! :partying_face:

I’m happy to announce that our chat service is back online and ready for use. We want to apologize again for the long downtime and maintenance. We understand how important it is to have reliable and uninterrupted access to the chat, but that’s what the Beta is for!

During this downtime, we’ve learned many things that will help us improve our service in the future. We’re committed to providing the best possible experience and will continue to work hard to make sure that our chat service is reliable and efficient.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’re excited to be back online and look forward to seeing you in the Rooms again.

Have a great weekend! :saluting_face:

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