[TS5] Feature Request: Make Identity selectable by device

Dear Teamspeak Team,

For the beginning, I want to thank you for your hard work on the new Client. My first impression so far is really good. So thank you for that.

Here is a little feature request on a usability problem i stumbled upon today with client 5.0.0-beta74 :

With TS3 I had Teamspeak installed on both my computers and each installation had it’s own identity file. Now with TS5 i registered an account and merged both identities into that account. I logged in on both PC’s with my account credentials and tried to join the same server. Now here is the problem:

When I join a Server both clients use the default identity for that connection and i have the same TS-ID plus the same username usually suffixed by “1”.

If i try to change the identity to use in the server bookmark under the server tab that change is synchronized to the account, so now both PC’s log into the server with my secondary identity.

I could achieve my goal by setting identity 1 in the bookmark and connect client1. After that i change the identity in the bookmark to identity 2 and connect client2, but that is time-consuming and i guess that behavior should be easy to change.

Could you please make the selected identity for a server bookmark not be synchronized through the account, but rather be saved localy or be choosable by used device (different PC or Laptop or so on)?

Best regards and thank you again for your good work

Or you can save two bookmarks to the same server using two Identities and saving them with different names, eg. ”Server Name (Device 1)” and ”Server Name (Device 2)”…

It’s not that hard or weird if you think about it tbh.


That’s definitely what I would’ve answered.

Having something sync but different per device but same account is nothing we want.

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Hey, thank you for your response.

Sure you could do that, but for a user having lots of servers that would mean he’d have to double the amount of server entries in his bookmark list. For example let’s say you got 10 servers in your list, your suggestion would bloat that list up to 20 entries. So with lots of servers the list could get a little bit confusing i guess.

For users having only 1 or 2 servers on their list i’d say your proposal is absolutely fine.

You could move them into two different folders for each device.

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I disagree on that.

Technically you are not syncing bookmarks, but rather bookmarks are stored in the Teamspeak-Account instead of the local machine (as it was with ts3 when you registered for myTeamspeak). The difference is that you don’t have the choice to store bookmarks localy any longer with TS5.

Another solution which you didn’t state yet whould have been creating a second teamspeak account and have the two identities separated (use Account1 on Device1 and Account2 on Device2). In that cause you’d have to create a second e-mail address. You’d have to check that e-mail adress in the future. You’d have to enter and keep updated all your servers on two bookmarks lists from now on, and so on. You’d see this way users like me will have lot’s of extra effort.

You now could argue that it is not intended to use teamspeak like that, but in that case why would you have given us the ability to create multiple identities at all (as the teamspeak account itself could have been used as identity).

In my perspective the identity is not a common part of the server information stored in the bookmark, but an extra part that is just connected to that bookmark. So i’d say (and that is why i made this request) it should be free choosable by device, cause this would give us a really great benefit in usability but with little extra effort on the programming side.

I assume you have the bookmarks stored in a sql database, so the change this topic would cause is only having the identity being separated from the bookmark table (which you probably already have) and now not only link (join) the identity id to the bookmark, but the device id as well (which i’m pretty sure you created somewhere in your code already) and you’d have to make sure, that if there is no identity set the default identity will be used. So let’s say the programing effort is about 60 minutes of work.

From a philosophical side i know it’s a decision to be made by Teamspeak Development Team

Why this would be a great benefit:

Let’s say you are a company having at least 10 people working for you and teamspeak is your communication tool of choice. Would you want to create and manage 10+ Accounts for your employees and have to create the bookmarks and identities 10+ times or would you rather prefer to manage everything under one single account where you’d have to create the bookmarks only once and the employees would only have to update their identity?

Best regards