TS5 Feedback: Share Invite URL

Sorry for my word choice, but how stupid is this share invite URL Si*t?
For example, if you send the link to someone in Steam or in Discord, the link-recognition is not supported and you cannot connect to the server. You should definitely provide an HTTPS link. It should be as simple as possible for users. But this is anything but not simple. Please rethink what you are programming here. Absolutely laughable!


Achso as well, the server sharing button should be quickly reachable and idiot-proof. I would like to have a sharing button here, for example:

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Ah ok. So the whole TS-community writes to support before using Teamspeak? This is a joke… Not only I have then the wrong Windows setting.

I have the impression that I know more than 90% of your programmers. And this is not a flame but my actual impression of Teamspeak currently! I’ve always loved Teamspeak but I’m currently very disappointed. Comparatively Discord also manages to generate an HTTPS invitation.

Please ask the community if they are currently satisfied with the server invitation.
I think there is room for improvement.

PS: I’m not going to change anything on Windows just because Teamspeak can’t get it to work. As already said. I am not alone with this problem. If you don’t listen to the community, Teamspeak will go under. By the way, Sony already has a hand in Discord. Have fun with the competition:

I hope Teamspeak gets its act together. Please hire competent people in the leadership position.

Thank you very much,
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Btw you can use TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL to make a https protocol link https://tinyurl.com/teamspeakexample

I am willing to do an apprenticeship as a computer scientist at Teamspeak :slight_smile: You are welcome to hire me @Teamspeak

I don’t want to know how that works. I want Teamspeak to be easy for everyone to use.

You should definitely provide an HTTPS link.

This is already a feature in TS3, you can choose the invitation type (ts3server link, http redirection or html code).

My guess is that its going to be added to the new client in the future, in the meantime I guess you can use the link provided by TeamSpeak: https://invite.teamspeak.com/<server address>/