TS5 Free Server: Name cannot be changed


No matter what name I try, the name of my server remains “unique-bomb”.

Any other way to change that beside server properties inside TS5 beta client?

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Hi Team,

when renaming my free TS5 Server, it works for everone and everywhere, except for me and “my server list” aka left side. Server details, anything on the right side, etc. is correct. As well as favorites in TS3!


Hi, after creating a new server, the server name does not correspond with the server name in the list (1)
Right-clicking the server in the server list and selecting “manage” does nothing (2)

Hi, I just want to share a response that I received from the support on that case a little while ago.

The server name that appeared automatically “unique bomb” is not visible to others, only to you. Please right-click on the server name and then on “manage”. On the right-hand side you will see an area for server settings. There is a box labeled “general” where there is a field for Name and Password. Here you can change the name to what you want others to see.
Please note though that the ability to rename servers should come in an upcoming update.

TLDR: The name on the left is only visible for yourself and it should be able to be changed at some point in the future.