TS5 Host Banner link

Apparently the Host Banner URL is not editable in the TS5 client. However the Host Button URL is. Am I missing something?

Yes there is another Post but that is about opening the link.



I f-d up in the screenshots. I’m trying to say: The Button Click URL in TS5 seems to be the URL on the Host Banner in TS3. However, the Banner itself in TS5 has a link button aswell which refers to the Host Button URL in TS3.

According to the description they both refer to the Host Button. TS3 does, TS5 is what the Banner URL used to be.


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That wasn’t the point though. The Button on the banner itself links to the Host BUTTON URL that has been set on TS3. So even if you change it on TS5 it has no effect.

Not for me. The button links the the Click URL set in the banner settings while the More Information button links to the host button url.

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Thank you. I did indeed not see that. For whatever reason I thought that button was for only the image. facepalms

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Glad to help.
But I see how this can be really confusing.

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It would be great if that edit option actually also showed up when editing the server info along with the rest of the stuff.

Unless taking that as a suggestion… Topic can be closed by a mod. Thanks.

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