TS5 - How to block User

Hey I’m on TS5 and with TS3 it was possible to block user by clicking on there name but this function is gone with TS5. Is there still a way to block them?

Right click on user

That however just mutes the person on the server and does not have setting as they are implemented in TS3 (for incoming whispers and pokes for example). Therefore muted people can still try send you text messages as far as I know…

If someone is bothering you trough the global chat, you can add them to your ignore list. They then won’t be able to send you contact requests and you don’t see messages from them in group chats.

I know it’s not the same, if someone bores him, that’s what he can do.

How do i add them to the Ignore list?

I’m currently on a big gaming Server and back on TS3 i was able to block annoying people so they got a red name and i could choose to not join the lobby because i could saw that i don’t like them. It was a good indicator to get inner peace for me on that server^^ If i just mute them i will join them anyways and regonise that i can’t hear them which would be an awkward moment for everyone.

The ignore list is only for the global chat. You can add them either add them to the list when they sent you a contact request or if you click on their name while being in a group chat together.

But they will not be marked red in the server tree.

Ok thanks, so i’ll just mute these people from now on and hope that a Dev will read this thread and may add the TS3 Block function to TS5 in the future.

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