TS5 icon bug

Interesting becouse we had old 16x16 png and newer 32x32 png icons and the most look good.
+once I’ve unpacked this I wonder what would be the right resolution and extension for the icons?
(yeah yeah svg… but what if we use png? is it worth switching?)

Did you tried restarting your Server after changed that Icon?

this is an old icon , so yes :slight_smile:

I use icons on my server (PNG 200x200)

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Just to avoid mistakes. Have you tried the icon with a TS3 client where cache was deleted before?

If this works, please upload the icon so we can test it.

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it worked on ts3 before and after cache is deleted , it seems just in ts5 displays only this way.
its an old icon i don’t have the same anymore but i can upload another one instead.

You have it in your ts3 client cache then and could use this.
BUT yes another icon is fine as long it’s broken for you.

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with new icon
and replace again that old icon
i think then i keep the new one

Could it be that in TS5 a negative value was shown on the icon?


no :thinking:

Can you please search for that number in the TS3 cache folder and upload the file?

File name should be something like icon_334442…

heres the icon, i set it to png format :slight_smile:
or upload the file without the extension itself as it was cached?

16x16 ?

The icon works for me. Please attach the icon as found in cache.

as i said its an old icon.

@TS.ChrisR here is the original cached file .


I don’t know if you solved the problem with the icon or not, but yesterday I came across a couple of such icons
I deleted the cache folder from the TS5 and all the icons were repaired.
Way: \AppData\Local\TeamSpeak\Cache
It may be useful)))

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