TS5 Lacking a Major Feature

Teamspeak is unable to Voice Chat in one room, then read/type in another channel without having to leave your current channel. One person suggested to me opening multiple TS clients to achieve this, which is ridiculous - you shouldn’t have to. This is where Discord is clearly superior in a major way, and Teamspeak devs really need to observe successful ideas of competition and implement them. This is my suggestion for TS5 to be relevant against a titan like Discord.

I appreciate the outreach from people in Beta Test group, but I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to achieve something so simple.

I was just having a conversation about this. Imagine having to leave your current voice conversation, just to read General chat…


TS was invented to have a strong VoIP solution and not a social media app for everyone to follow updates. There were the normal Server Chat but the communication over that Chat was for some reason disabled in TS5 (you can only read it there). We don’t know what TeamSpeak is panning there to fill this gab but my guess is that it will be such an Feature that you have Global Chats that are bounded to the Server.


This is a feature of TeamSpeak, it was designed like this.
What you call “general chat” can be the server chat, if you set up the server accordingly, you can make users write there and use it as “general chat” if you want it (currently only in TS3)…
If you are in a channel and you want to write to other people: you can!
If you are in a channel and want to speak to other people: you can! (in discord you don’t have whispers)
But that are features! Why would Teamspeak do such a radical change if it wasn’t designed like this?

Remember that even if they are similar, Teamspeak and discord are not the same thing.
Just as an example, Teamspeak doesn’t host the server itself, but everyone can do it and create his own with different usages of the features


Interacting with many channels simultaneously is more of a discord thingy imo. Sounds exhausting also to keep up with every activity.


I think this is a bad Idea. Even People on Discord are creating Rooms to speak with each other and obviously TeamSpeak would not drop this to create a “Voice Call”


I agree that this is a feature lacking in TS5. People nowadays don’t want to use an application for text chat like IRC etc. and a second application for voice calls. Or open two instances of the same application.

This needs to be combined. Many of us who are saying “I’m fine” are used to the Teamspeak as it is. However Teamspeak needs to grow somehow and why should anyone come over from Discord if the handling of Discord is more convenient?

For TeamSpeak voice call would no make much sense because why should they do it? TeamSpeak is based on Communication on Server and not for a private call.