[Ts5] Matrix Chat not working on TS5 Servers


I like to report something.

I can’t use the Matrix Chat anymore on the Official Beta Server after I joined the Channels too fast and after the Client crashed.

Troubleshooters I’ve already run:

  • Deleted the Cache
  • Reinstalled the Client
  • Tried on another Machine
  • Decoded GZIP File with Server Credentials and tested via Matrix API

Channel Chat:

Requesting Private Chat:

It seems that my token didn’t get renewed by the Server…
I don’t like to choose another Identity…

Best Regards


Can confirm it, but the bug is already known.

Should come from flooden

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I can’t use the chat sine weeks, i think theres no flood protection…

I like to get fixed from that stupid bug.

Have you already tried waiting and then re-entering the server?

I really tried everything and that was one of the first things I tried.

What does chat log say about it?
Have you tried with a new identity?

Do not see a reason why chat should not work on second machine.

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See here : TeamSpeak5 Matrix Bug - Pastebin.com

This is unanswered.


Sorry, i wrote it a bit unclear, but a new identity is working.

But i don’t like to use a new identity.

Is it possible that you share us the identity (exported from ts3 client) for this case?


Offcourse, write me a PM i’ll send it you.


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I’m still ready to give you logs :slight_smile:

We are waiting for the identity. The log did not show anything.

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I meaned it with logs, you never send any PM to me.

If you don’t accept mine, you have to give me one…


Please click on my name and there is big Message button? There is nothing i can accept or reject :thinking:


Oh, this function is new for me, sorry. Never saw that in the forum.

Thank you. We can reproduce this with the identity.

Forwarding this to our devs to have a look at it.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: