TS5 mic just stops working

from time to time my mic just stops working. When I restart TS then it works again.
Mic: Shure SM-7b
Interface: GO XLR
When the bug appears then the mic only doesn’t work for TS. In very other programm it works just fine.

Thx for your tips it if probably a bug from the beta

Does the problem appear in Win10 too?
If the mic stops working in the newer version you can downgrade and hope later for a new update. That’s the easiest solution.

Do you watched in the Client logs for problems?

What does exactly happen on your machine, when your audio stops? (Like Windows Toast-Notification popping up, etc.)
Also is it only your Mic failing, or your playback device aswell?
Can you provide any logs from TeamSpeak C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak\Logs\Default You might find an Error-Entry in there.

I had a similar problem on my Shure SM58.
My problem was another application taking control (possibly discord or steam) and therefore the mic would just stop working until I restart ts5.

I just disabled the exclusive mode options in windows recordings preferences.

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