TS5 mic volume is way louder than in TS3

I got a TS5 beta code from a friend, so I changed to the new TeamSpeak platform.

Everyone on my server said, that I’m way louder than usual and that my mic volume changes from time to time (sometimes louder, sometimes quieter).

I disabled all “enhancements” and even changed to the old voice activation threshold (instead of the new algorithm)

Is this a known problem?

They need to update to the newest TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.0 [Beta] which uses the same sound system as the new TeamSpeak client.


Also be sure to check your windows settings go to the ACTUAL control panel, not just the settings icon, and once there click on your “SOUND” icon in the control panel. find the tab that says “communications”

BE SURE that you specifically select the box that says “do nothing” as this is why 90% of peeps that have the mic volume change on it’s own have this issue. This is a VERY common issue, but if it’s not yours, hopefully it can/will help someone else. Cheers and have a great day!


For me a the new teamspeak client is way quieter, about my mic and headphones are quieter on the new client.


Same here. My community friends say my mic is quieter now. I tried changing input settings on the client with no luck. Also, my mic is 100% volume on Windows.