TS5 overwhelming RAM Usage

I want to report that the issue shown in the video (especially the one at min. 1:54) is still present in beta25, using a lot of RAM that is never released when switching windows. The issue related to the chat windows is still using around 3MB of memory when opening a chat window.

Edit: I just discovered https://trello.com/c/D8ooSpOP and from that i can see that “Performance Improvements” is under “Coming soon”

So, I’ve noticed that the RAM usage has gotten better over time.
However, I started the day with ~250MB, ended with ~727MB** - it seems like the memory leak has not been fixed.

My second thing:
When Moving Teamspeak into “Compact Mode” and back out, then back in*, it will leave you in the Server INFO instead of channel view.

The latter one is a minor bug, more of a convenience than anything else and should be treated as such. The first one though - TS3 is using 50MBs of RAM.

Anyways, I’m excited to see how this goes on. Stay safe, stay healthy. #flattenthecurve.

*only if you click anywhere else on your desktop - re-open
**currently at 15hrs of usage.

your firs thing is a known issue and they working on it :smiley:



second thing is… well… interesting for me :thinking:

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any solution for this problem use 600 mb ram


No there is no solution yet.

RAM is a topic we wan’t to do before or in public beta. Please do not compare TS3 RAM with TS5. Both are complete different software.


How much ram do you even have?

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