TS5 overwhelming RAM Usage

Ok so even though I have a pretty strong pc and I don’t have such a problem with it, I have to adress it.
In comparision, my TeamSpeak 3 Client uses 50 MB of RAM. But my TeamSpeak 5 Client uses an overwhelming 900 MB on average! Not everyone has so much to spare honestly. And even though I don’t like making comparisions to Discord, they only use 200 MB on average.

In conclusion, if it would be possible, please lower the RAM usage. It really kills performance. Especially while intense gaming.

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It looks alright for me. Running as administrator, latest beta version.

Can you try reinstalling it? Also under which conditions do you see this RAM usage (what’s going on when you’re using the beta TeamSpeak)?

Conditions: I’m just on my desktop, having discord and my browser open. After re-opening the client, I stilll got 200 on average. My theory is that maybe there is so much RAM usage because I’m on a big TeamSpeak Server? I have no Idea how it got to 900 MB RAM usage. But if it happened once, it will happen to other people too and often.

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For me it’s fine aswell (also latest version), but i don’t run it as administrator.

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Hmm maybe there’s a memory leak caused by presence of too many clients? It might be worth investigating by the TeamSpeak Staff. I suggest reporting it (on the bottom right of the website you have the “Help & Support” button), unless they’ll see it here first. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s really interesting how everyone has such different numbers. Your TeamSpeak 5 Client got less RAM usage than my TeamSpeak 3 Client. PS: Why the hell do you have 17 Tabs open @bySuFFeR :joy:

That’s good to know! It’s best that the TS client is neither high nor having a high RAM usage :grin:

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Not sure why there is 17 :sweat_smile:, just have 4 opened atm ^^

So after some testing, apparently one chat tab uses a whopping 50 MB of RAM. Maybe that’s an info that could help investegating.


Hm! Perhaps they’re counted as a separate process for all purposes and rendering everything separately as well? I’m not quite sure. It’s really a good pointer though, if it’s related to chat tabs.
That might be related to the amount of images and gifs in the chat boxes, perhaps limiting them somehow or optimising that could work some wonders.


Well, it seems that when I want to take a screenshot for the forum my client starts to behave and stays under 1GB of RAM usage :man_shrugging:

@maxlid3 Don´t ask me why I have so many tabs open! :wink:
@Operativ I see you are using the right browser! :sunglasses:



Heck yes, the new Edge is really well-made! :stuck_out_tongue:

That 4.7 GB RAM usage is really concerning though! I can see that the developers did wisely to hold such issues to testing grounds before having it annoy people.
I’m very convinced it’s going to get patched in near time, I wonder though - does it happen on a large server with lots of chat tabs open too?

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To be honest with you I did this screenshot 3 weeks ago or so. This problem has since been patched and I never got that much of RAM usage again. I still do get around 2-2,5 GB some days but most of the time my client is around 1 GB. Performance is indeed slowly getting better!

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Just update ur client to the latest version and check if it will happen.

Hello, I’ve found out that opening new chat windows, settings tab, or switching between different windows/panels in the new TS client is causing a huge amount of memory being allocated and not deallocated when the window is closed.

I also noticed that sometimes the ram drops by a certain amount, this indicates me that there is something like a garbage collector kicking in

I don’t know which framework/technology you are using for the new client but this seems to me a non-correct way to handle windows or tabs (it is highly probable to be caused by bad deallocation when closing windows or poor garbage collector settings).

The following video started with a freshly-open client.

Here is a video (you can see in the end that opening the settings/servers tab will skyrocket the RAM usage): https://www.dropbox.com/s/qetlclcry4fijce/dWCqmepPhv.mp4

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What i posted is a step to reproduce video.

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Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

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Thanks for the video! I don’t think the fix will make the next release, but it’s a very high priority.


Thanks for your quick reply and intrest in fixing this bug. I hope that the final product will be a good replacement in features and resource usage to the good “old” TS3. I am glad to help you with my reports :wink:

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