TS5 Permissions

It will be good to have much smaller permission system when setting up a server. And of course it will be good if TS5 will have less confused permission to set-up.

What do you think guys?


TeamSpeak3 used to have “basic” and “advanced” permissions (toggled in options, by default it was the basic one using checkboxes).

Perhaps TeamSpeak5 might have an even more simplified basic version for a really good User Experience. I personally think that the advanced mode could mostly stay as it was for that extra crunch in your server options.


Since a permission system has been one of the basic features of TeamSpeak 3 so far and TeamSpeak 5 is currently in a beta phase, I assume that exactly such a system is already on a to-do list of the TeamSpeak developers. I would say that we should wait with such big suggestions until the roadmap is released.


Currently there is no Permission setup or anything in the beta lol