TS5 Priority Speaker


Been using the beta for a while, and when I had TS3 I was able to give myself and others Priority Speaker as I had the permissions to do so in the specific server. Now it seems I can’t find any sort of buttons to toggle to enable priority speaker. Is this a feature that isn’t returning or just isn’t in TS5 yet?

So far, this function does not exist. Whether it will ever come is not yet known.

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Yeah, I mean since most other people are on TS3 they can give me priority, and i can see who has it in the server, but i just cant give it out myself

Yeah, the priority speaker itself already exists, but not the function to assign it or remove it.

At the moment there is no option to assign yourself the priority speaker at the TeamSpeak 5 Client.

Just wanted to bring this back up as it appears this has still not been fixed. Priority speaker toggle can only be done with the TS3 Client.

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