TS5 Question / Bug Report


I wanted to ask the Teamspeak Staff if It was intended that cspacer usw. is not avaible in TS5 anymore or if it is just a visual bug, because on my Ts3 Client I can see it but not on the TS5 Client!

I am new to TS5 so it would be nice of you, if it was intended to not hate on my lack of knowledge!

Anyways, have a nice day! And : Happy eastern <:

Psst : It would be nice if I could get a bug finder badge :3

It works just fine. You may have to reconnect after creating modifying channels.
Also they don’t give those badges yet afaik.
And if such a big was actually in the release it would be found and reported within seconds.

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Thank you for your response.
As I said I am new to the project, so there is no point in being so toxic :smile:

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