TS5 - Questions and bug reports


In this request I’ll try to sum up some of the problems that I’ve noticed since having TeamSpeak Beta 5.0.0. and also ask some questions about it.
I’ll also link here some of the attachments just to compare Beta version to 3.5.6. to make my problems more understandable.

  1. Screenshots → In TeamSpeak 3.5.6 version, user is able to change their language to their desire (Tools → Options → Application → Language), yet in Beta version there is no option like that.

  2. Screenshots → Will there be in Beta version some sort of information (maybe in Account section) where you can check if you’re connected through myTeamSpeak Account and also to check account synchronization?

  3. Screenshots → Will user be able to move chat section to the left side of TeamSpeak program or not?

  4. Screenshots → In TeamSpeak 3.5.6 version, when user clicks on someone elses (or his/hers) URL pasted in chat/channel description, he’ll get some sort of window with various options to check (For example - open text chat, find client in channel tree etc). In Beta version, when I click at user URL, I don’t get that window, because it takes it as Link, not User URL.

  5. Screenshots → When I drag mine (or someone elses) URL to chat in Beta version, I have this weird type of code. My question is why is it like that? In 3.5.6 version, user was able to see through URL user ID, user UID and nickname. In Beta user sees user ID, channel ID and especially “sc_handler_id” which I don’t know what is it or what can you do with it.

  6. Screenshots → How or Where can I check (in Permission Groups) in Beta version clients added to specific server/channel group?

  7. Screenshots → Will it be possible to delete unwanted profiles from “Key Bindings” option that were created earlier by user?

  8. Screenshots → Looking back at TeamSpeak 3.5.6 version, user could Export and also Import his Identity. Is it possible in Beta to export your Identity? The only thing I can see here is “Import” option, but there is no “Export” option. Referring to the previous question - Will it be possible to delete unwanted Identities from “Identities” option that were created earlier by user?

  9. Screenshots → In TeamSpeak 3.5.6 version, user was able to leave their Disconnect Message and Message Presets (For example if I’m away, it show message that I wrote there). My question is - Will it be available in Beta version?

  10. Screenshots → After I activated “Use Chats History”, it didn’t displayed in Chat History as it says in the description of this option.

  11. Will user be able to download some addons to new TeamSpeak program?

  12. Whenever I ban someone at my server, I get a info about it in server logs (Who was banned, for how long, by whom and for what reason - this is the information I get when I’m at 3.5.6 TS version)

“test” was banned for 1 miunute from the server by… “nickname” (Reason)

However, I get a slightly different information about ban when I’m at Beta version

“test” was banned from the server by… “nickname” (Reason)

Why there is no visible length of ban in Beta version? Was it specifically introduced or is it a random mistake?

I’ll keep updating if I see more problems/if I have some questions about Beta version.
Have a nice day!

  1. At this point in development it makes no sense to offer a translation as everything is changing too rapidly.

  2. You can only use the beta if you are logged in. In TS5 you can not disable syncing at this point in time.

  3. Not exactly sure what you mean by that. Imo it makes sense having any server chat next to the server tree.

  4. I think this is known. But it has been fixed for the Events View already.

  5. I am not sure whether the ability to drag users into the chat is even intended. The sc_handler_id is basically the tab in which the user is connected.

  6. This is not implemented yet.

  7. You can by pressing - as loing as it is not the default profile.

  8. Exporting of identities is not yet implemented. Non default identities can again be deleted by pressing - next to it.

  9. I don’t think this is available (yet) and tbh I don’t think it’s needed.

  10. Chat history works for me. What exactly doesn’t work?

  11. An addon API is planned. Whether there will be any depends on the plugin authors.

  12. This seems to be missing at the moment.