TS5 Security Level optimization

Its only using one cpu thread. Suggestion to use all threads.

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Would not agree to change this at all.

When we add this it will be easy for trolling users to raise their level and come back to a server where a higher security level.
The longer it takes to create a new identity with high level the better the setting on server works and the chance that such user gives up is higher.

P.s. we do not suggest to use a higher level than 30 on server. Not for a technical reason but there is absolutely no point raising it above. If you still want to do it you have to live with the time and energy you waste then.


In general I have to agree. The security level is a proof of work.
BUT there are tools out there that can increase the “security level” much faster - through multithreading.
I am really torn about this one…

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Alright, got ya.
Then imo the security level system is kinda outdated.

Maybe add following option to server owners:

  1. Anyone can join
  2. At least need an valid (email verified) MyTeamspeak account
    a. At least have an MyTeamspeak-Account 12h+
    b. At least have an MyTeamspeak-Account 7 Days
    c. At least have an MyTeamspeak-Account 30 Days
    d. At least have an MyTeamspeak-Account (individual value)

If someone just created a new TS-Account maybe add the possibility to admins, to make an exception for that client.


I think the part with “need a valid MyTeamspeak account” would be really nice for some Server Owners. I don’t think that it matters how old the Account is but just giving the Server Owners more possibilities to keep trolls etc. from their Servers is in my eyes a welcomed Feature.

The option for users with active myTS ID is planned but for now it needs a ban

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