TS5 Server [BUG] - Connection with same ID

When I join a channel on a TeamSpeak 5 server that I’m already in with the same identity, an event pops up that my first joined client has renamed and it shows as offline.

If I then leave the channel with both clients and leave the server with my last joined client, the server does not take over the new or former nickname, but keeps the old one.


In addition, I am still shown as offline for other clients.


Additionally when others click on my connected client, they see the avatar I have set on the server, the avatar my other client has set in TS5 and the avatar I have set in my TS5 client. So they can see 3 different avatars.



That is not a bug. That’s an intended behavior.
You use the same chat account when you use the same identity on a TS5 server. So last account name will be taken.


I see, but why am I consistently shown as offline with my connected account? Doesn’t Matrix or the server notice if you then remain on the server with the first connected client and continue to interact with it.

And why are 3 different avatars displayed?
Is it as well an intended behaviour? :thinking: