TS5 Server Matrix Chat Confusion

Hey all,

So I’ve been trying out the ts-services beta using the Docker setup defined there, currently on tag beta-58rc20, the latest one. I was able to spin up the server and connect to it using the TS5 client. Voice works and all, but I’m having trouble getting Matrix chat to work and I’m having a hard time finding cohesive information on how this is supposed to function, if at all. When I created the server and connected for the first time, I escalated my privileges using the key and used that on my primary account. In any channel, I get an exclamation mark that says “currently not possible” under it.


In the appserver logs, I see: Matrix error 'M_FORBIDDEN': Application service has not registered this user. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this just a misunderstanding and this doesn’t work currently? I’m only connecting directly using the server’s local IP address on my network currently. The server has access to the internet, but the Teamspeak ports are all being forwarded to my TS3 server currently. I’d like to try out the new chat feature if possible, and it was my understanding that it’s all self hosted but let me know if I’m wrong about that. Am I missing some sort of authentication / permissions setup that makes this all work? Does the server have to have all the standard TS ports exposed in order for it to work?

In short, it is a configuration problem.

Check out this thread:

To quote myself on the subject: Don’t. It’s a hassle, not worth the effort, and it seems the servers will return to the “legacy” channel chats without Matrix anyway.

To your exact problem: I guess you are running the default compose stack, which tries to get letsenc SSL certs but fails as you said you are not using a domain. You need to run the HTTP override stack for that to work. Also, you don’t need all of the containers for a server without a license, and since there are no licenses for TS5 available yet, they don’t matter.
Since you can’t even test the Homebase functionality with current clients, I’d strongly recommend not wasting time on this server version. You can try the newer non-public server version on the Official Community TeamSpeak servers found on your dashboard.