TS5 Server

Will there be a beta to run an own TS5-Server?

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thx, I couldn’t find it on the website

That is intentional. The new TeamSpeak client can connect to existing TeamSpeak 3 servers just fine.
The new server is still in active development, and this was only published as a silent beta with many bugs and a complicated setup. Currently, the newer versions are not published anymore while they contain many crucial improvements. I’d strongly recommend sticking with the “old” TeamSpeak 3 servers until there is some announcement for a real beta.

Also, you can test the new non-public version of the TeamSpeak 5 servers on the public official community servers listed on the dashboard.


Is the TS5 server not compatible with TS3 clients?

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Well it is (kinda), but a lot is chaning. The public version of the TeamSpeak 5 server’s chat is not compatibale with with TS3 clients. The new (non-public) version seems to rely on the old TS3 protocol again for server chats so both clients can use it.


For those wondering if ts-services that @opZ1ca linked are working.
No, they’re not. Latest publicly available tag is a version from 2022-11-23 17:45:21.

Teamspeak team has provided a default license with an expiry date, which already expired, so less than 1 year for sure, this results in the ts5 server currently being stuck in a reboot loop and is completely non-functional.

Nice find though @opZ1ca , already gives some idea how it’s going to work and looks good to me so far.

Pretty sad that for whatever reason there’s no newer release and latest release is non functional.

You gotta check out the latest tag as the README describes. The latest tag is beta-58rc20 from March 16th this year, as is the latest docker image referenced in the tag.

This server works just fine all the while having a horrible setup experience.

But as stated before, I would strongly discourage the use of this server version. It is extremely painful to set up, the server chat only works when the myTS services are online, TeamSpeak 3 users can not access the chat, the Homebase system is disabled client-vise anyway at the moment and the latest developments for the server seem to steer in a somewhat different direction reverting back a chat via the TeamSpeak protocol with overlayed functionality.


Right, good point, not really sure how I ended up using outdated tag, since I’ve checked the tags and picked latest one last night, but after doing it again now, I do get the server as expected.

I could live with everything being problematic. Initial server setup/startup seems very easy to me, maybe even easier than the ts3 server.

Ts3 clients CANNOT connect to the server with the error of:
Disconnected from server (certificate invalid)

Which perhaps could be fixed by updating ts3 client from:
3.5.6 (25.11.2020 14:53:42) to the latest beta

… but then I have to give up on all of the useful plugins and extensions I use in ts3, since the original extensions haven’t been updated for new ts3 api, there’s not really some way to update old extensions manually without having plugins code and then uploading extensions to myteamspeak doesnt work.

So to use the ts5 server, I’d have to give up all clientside plugins, risk my users not being able to connect to the server at all.

But then is there really any way to move current ts3 server database to this new postgres db, without converting all tables/columns by hand?

Also, the main plugin I use is Mass Message Tool, which isn’t available in any form, past the ts3 version I use currently and it’s not been updated not source was released for it IIRC, so updating the ts3 client to connect to ts5 server isnt an option to me. Instead I tested with latest ts5 client 76

The current TS5 Servers are not really meant to be used by TS3 Clients, as the cannot use the Channel Chat as well as Private Chats and lack the ability to upload files to the file browser.

They can only talk, send pokes and make permission / channel or server settings.

Yes you are right. TS3 Clients below 3.6.0 cannot connect to the new Servers as they cannot read the new licenses. So either they need to update to 3.6.0+ or use the TS5 Client.

Some plugins are updated via a manual download link here in the Forum, some are updated on myTS and some plugin devs don’t seems to care at all. Depending on which plugins are not updated this might be a problem for your community.

When we updated our Server we uploaded a Snapshot made with the Query client (either via YaTQA or Putty or other software) this restored pretty much all settings and user data except files that were stored on the Virtual Server (Files in channels or Server Icons)

When the next Beta version of TS5 comes out 5.0.0-beta77 you can also send images on regular TS3 Servers where all TS5 users can see the image.

The new TS5 Servers which are deployed internally might bring some of the Matrix Chat features into the normal Chat protocol like reactions, replys etc.

btw. mass message is also a feature already implemented in TS5 without needing a plugin at all. This also works for pokes, just click poke as you can see in the Gif below. The selection is like you do it in Windows either with Shift or STRG.


Thanks a lot for such an in-depth response, this definitely clears up a lot to me!

The plugin I use isn’t really needed for my clients, only for server admins.

Is there some way in ts5 to poke all clients? That’s the most important feature to me, that seems missing in ts5. I didnt know that its possible to select multiple clients in ts5 and then poke, but seems like ctrl+a wont select all clients. Having to hand-select every client to poke is still tedious compared to the plugin.

The only other thing I’m missing in ts5, is the extended server info, which is part of a theme in ts3.
It is very important and helpful, but this additonal info seems missing in ts5 aswell, especially the dbid and client version build date, along with the specific OS version/architecture of the client.
Or should I say, its there (except for client build date and os arch), but scattered all over and not possible to select and copy any of those values, as compared to how nicely listed they were in ts3 and easy to select and copy/paste.

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