[TS5] [Skin] Fusion - A Clean and Modern Look for Teamspeak

Available Themes

Dark Default White Purple Custom


Dark Theme
Default Theme
Purple Theme
White Theme - Watch your eyes


Download here


Download the file as .zip from Github and extract the File.
open Fusion-Main and move the file de.sylvertax.teamspeak to: %AppData%/TeamSpeak/Default/extensions

Open the Teamspeak 5 Client

Go to Settings > Appearance

Select fusion and choose your theme of choice.


To create your own theme you only need a color palette so that you can use your color codes properly, I recommend this Color Palette.

Is already the color palette for the custom theme available.

Use your text editor of choice and edit the color codes given in the file.

Right click on the customize.css and open with Text Editor.

Change the colors of your choice and save the file.

now restart Teamspeak or open it and select the theme Custom. Done!

If you edit the files while you have Teamspeak open, there is also the function to reload your theme with a button press and directly see the change, so you also have in mind what changes. do you have any questions then look below at contacts, I’m only a few steps away for help if something does not work.


You can reach me on discord, if you have any question.


Fusion is a modern Teamspeak 5 Theme by Sylvertax
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Nice job!


Thank you very much. :relaxed:

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Pretty neat, good job!


Thanks :slight_smile:

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oh damn this looks very nice tyvm :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

@Sylvertax This Is how my client looks like do you think you could make a Color Palette that’s similar to this but also looks as good as the current Color Palettes

Demus (myteamspeak.com)

Cause I tried it myself and it didn’t look as good as what you already made

Yeh, i can do this. But first, my Theme is for the Teamspeak 5 Client only. But if you want the colors from the Screenshot you send me, i can do this easily. For Teamspeak 3 Client, i have a test build theme but that is not ready for release or to show for now.

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Oh awesome I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Nice Work.
Thank you for contributing the TeamSpeak Community with such a great Theme. :slight_smile:

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