TS5 Suggestion: Mutual Friends/Servers and Multiple User Selection

My suggestion is to potentially add a tab that shows your mutual friends and servers with a selected user, this would allow for better interconnectivity aswell as helping to build relations between people over a common ground or asset.

Another suggestion is to allow for multiple user selection using CTRL + Click to allow for multiple people being instantaneously assigned the same group or moved from a different channel.

Apologies if these have been suggested before, however I did not see them when browsing through.

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good idea :smiley:

idk i guess this will not really be a ts feature, what about the private sphere?
if i go online , i’m not sure I want to tie anyone’s nose to where I am.
what if i want a private conversation with someone in secret or something?

I don´t see an issue here. They should add a feature that shows what server you are on right now but by default the option to share your activity should be turned off and should also be unique to each server so you have to manually allow it for each server you want to share.