TS5 / TS3 Features and bugs

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TS3 & TS5

  1. It took me a while to find “Server chat” or “Recent server events” and once I found it it is not useful at all. Please make all client names & channel names clickable + add an option “Find channel in Channel Tree” like we have “Find Client in Channel Tree”. It would be nice to add it also to TS3 Client (Find channel).

  2. Add an option to see ServerGroup IDs. This triggers me since it was removed for no reason. Why did you remove the SGids numbers in brackets behind the SG name? No reason for it at all. On TS5 I can not even find the SGIds, any help?

  3. Can we have nicknames behind the UID / IPs in “Banlist”? If you need to unban someone you have go thru all those bans to find which one is the right one (you have to unban UID and IP seperately)

TS5 Features

  1. Please make users names in chat windows clickable and add all known functions to it (Find in Channel Tree, Kick, Ban, etc.)

  2. Can we have an option to choose if we want to use “channel banners” created by server owner or we want to use client based - self customized version of banners? I will definitely use this feature to most of my “server info channels” but I think many users would love to customize the server by themselves so they could upload their own banners and override channel banners created by server owners (but they would be the only ones to see it)…

  3. Feature: Add colors and BB codes to Channel / Spacers channels + add permissions for it.

  4. Feature: Add an option to customize Spacers and Channels (channels seems to be more important than spacer now even they should be used for seperating sections etc.)

  5. Feature (Bug): Delete hexagon styled channel icon or at least make the background transparent. I use png format pictures on my server and because of the background you can not tell what the picture is…

  6. TS5 Feature request
    Please do it. I just tried to change SGs permission and you have to go back to “SG menu” after every change. I know it is important to look good for users but TS5 is not suitable for server owners atm. Banlist, Permission system, Connection info and all bunch of others windows should be detachable.

  7. Add an option to see all SGs that a user has. I do not want to see number of how many icons / SGs he has, I want to see them all.

TS5 Bugs & Fixes

  1. Fix BBcodes in Host Message, Chats, etc.

  2. The logo of the server is not shown properly when Host Message appers after connection to a server.


Nice list overall, some things might be useful, but…

…BBCode is not going to be ”fixed” as it’s going unused in favor of Markdown. There is still some compatibility with BBCode, but I don’t think it’s going to be for long (unless TeamSpeak comes in mind that there’s nothing bad in using both BBCode and Markdown, maybe without some tags).

So yeah, this one thing isn’t going to happen.

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The weblist is the biggest bug on TeamSpeak 3. Just noticed it down… :pencil2:

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Are you talking about this? Markdown - Wikipedia
Not a fan at all. I do not fint it easy and potenciaonally usefull enough to fully replace bbcodes. But whatever… What can we do? :smiley:

I love this message to apper after every filter change : :smiley:Screenshot - f7e9e45d681a9cfee564b07b67e8f1dc - Gyazo