TS5 two bug reports 05-03-2021


I think I found out two bugs, related to the all new TeamSpeak 5.

Bug 1:
When you normally login to TS5 and then change your password online and then restart TS5, you can use TS5 without an account and I think this shouldn’t be possible. I mean then you can normally login in the settings. For exmaple, players who got a ts5 key, can login to ts5 on their friends computer and then change their password and then the friends of the keyowner can use ts5 normally without the keyowner sharing it’s account.

Bug 2:
When you normally login to TS5 and then change your password online, like in the first bug and then login again to ts5 in the settings, it will automatically create a new identiy and doesn’t select the old default one. But … I think to reproduce that, you cannot call your old default profile “Default”.

Can I get a Bug Catcher badge for that? :smiley:

Best wishes
_David or on TS _David_

Bug 1 may be a bug but is not worth to fix it soonish (that’s all I can say). I will report it to devs but I guess will get the same answer.

Edit: with that setup the experience is just the lite version of this beta.
No messenger, no synced items etc 🤷

Bug 2 is no bug. You logged out and the synced identity is no longer there as the default one. So client creates a new one.

That Badge still does not exist. As we repeat all day long.

Greetz Chris