TS5 Updates always stuck on "Validating Teamspeak"

For me, every time when Teamspeak 5 gets an update I have to reinstall the client to update because its always stuck on “Validating Teamspeak”. And if I try to restart the client, it just doesn’t open at all. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

Reads like some software is blocking the process or the next.patch file.

You have any ts5client…log and update.log for us?
Path for these is


Is there anything in Windows Events?


[2021-04-29 18:37:24.066] [default] [info] patching result: 0
[2021-04-29 18:37:24.085] [default] [info] patching result: 0
that’s the content in update.log, not sure if it’s relevant

[2021-04-30 16:22:08.709] [info] Notifications_Windows ctor
[2021-04-30 16:22:08.931] [info] TeamSpeak Client 5.0.0-beta51 (2021-04-29 07:39:39)
[2021-04-30 16:22:08.931] [info] SystemInformation: Windows 10 (19042) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
[2021-04-30 16:22:08.932] [info] Using hardware aes
[2021-04-30 16:22:09.414] [info] disconnected from push system.
[2021-04-30 16:22:10.568] [info] connected to push system.
[2021-04-30 16:22:18.586] [info] Initialized with 2 channels in 32bit, 48kHz. - Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
[2021-04-30 16:22:38.766] [info] starting download for http://update.teamspeak.com/windows/x64/latest/info.json
[2021-04-30 16:22:48.825] [info] Notifications_Windows dtor
and this is the content in ts5client_2021-04-30_16-22.log

I guess that is a AntiVirus or another Program blocking the Process. :frowning:

The client log is not helping. Must be one where update was downloaded.

Update log also shows nothing wrong so far.