TS5 updates / Channel file transfer

Can someone ( probably a dev or CM ) tells me when the next update of teamspeak 5 will be release ? We didn’t have update since 20/12/2019 ? And I really need channel file transfer ^^

Any chance that you mean 20/12/2019 ?

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Yep ! sry ! gonna correct it !

Yeah I’m starting to think they halted working on it, unsure as still haven’t seen an update for the TS5 Beta Update since December.

They haven’t halted anything.

Update 5.0.0-beta.24 -17/03/2020

Either check your updates or uninstall/reinstall, you’re months behind :slight_smile:


I’ve clicked check for updates lol it apparently does not work.

re-download it from https://beta.teamspeak.com/