TS5 Useful feature request

Pls add the following:

  • in recent server events option to klick on a user name to additional options like ban or move…etc (similar in ts3)
  • in private chat show chatpartner disconnect message when he leaves like in ts3
  • group chat image set
  • ability to change group chat name
  • after connection lost join the same room when your connection is restored
  • compact view with avatars
  • permission options
  • show country flags option
  • blocked users list

Some of that features are already in ts5, like when you lose connection you join in the room where you was


its okay :slight_smile: i just put this old list from old forum to new :slight_smile:
i wrote this ~2 monts ago on old forum, i just wanted to be here :slight_smile:


The thing is that it is not reliable since it depends on the channel you are in and what symbols have been used for the name.