Ts5 worse audio quality than ts3?

my friend uses ts 3 and im using ts5 and when my friend starts to talk there is a rustle of curious and at the end. and if i’m too loud i can hear myself through my friends microphone. but if we both use ts3 everything is perfect. is it maybe because he uses ts3 and i use ts5. and has someone experienced the same?

Hum i use ts5 and my friend ts3 and i dont have any problem.

did you change any audio settings in ts5 or do you use default ?

Honnestly i don’t remember.
But check the comfort noise
noise reduction on and at max
agc on
aec on
comfort noise off
echo reduction 0db

both clients use the same codec.
the sound quality is the same unless you have changed something in one of the client’s sound settings

I have the same issue. I joint with TS5 and TS3 and did some audio test with some friend the quality from the TS5 client is way worse then the TS3 client.

What I see aswell is that the sound level from my mic in TS5 is going up and down even if I physically disable the mic, TS5 is doing something weird with the audio levels. I will not use the beta as long as this audio problem is not fixed. If I wanted bad audio I can use Discord…

At the current point of development both version have the same audio features included.
With same settings both clients sound the same.

This may change in the future but currently this is the case.

What you see in TS5 is a visual issue and does not show your input when there is none.


This is NOT true!
The backend may be the same, but TeamSpeak (5) still does not support direct sound on Windows.
This was however crucial for me when I was using Windows as I got a constant crackling when using WASAPI.

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This is true but not what I meant to say. Still with same settings it must behave the same.


Direct sound is depreciated since ages and all the Windows versions we support have WASAPI.
This is the reason why it won’t return.


That is too bad. I heard from a lot of people that they experience problems with WASAPI.
Good thing I switched to linux…
Speaking of Linux: I guess there the switch wont be added either as pulse audio is also marked as deprecated?

I have configured exactly the same audio settings on both clients and still have differents in the audio quality so don’t know what is the issue then. And tried all the audio options in the new TS5 client but can’t find any that makes is better. Do be clear the problem is on the other side, I hear no differents on the receiving end but my audio to others is lower in TS5.

Oke I believe you then that its a visual bug but its weird combined with the audio quality issue :slight_smile: