TSChat can't input anything after a while

The error is as already described in the title and seen in the videos.

Unbenanntes Video – Mit Clipchamp erstellt
Unbenanntes Video – Mit Clipchamp erstellt (1)

I just wish for a quick improvement of the ios app, because the way it currently works, it’s just an unnecessary app.

The ios app is more of a burden for the user than a relief to finally be able to use the TS chat on the cell phone.

I have to praise the b74 update, it took years, but the disconnect bugs were fixed nicely.

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This bug is only present in the iOS version. Could not reproduce it in Android. Its apparently not the first time that in the iOS app often something doesn’t work.


Sorry forgot to say that this is the IOS Version ^^
I will change it in my post.

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