TSRemote.dll error 1003

I’m developing an application (Lazarus Pascal) interfacing with TS via TSRemote.dll.
I randomly get Error 1003 and functions from the dll fail.
What does this error means?
Where can I get more info on the sdk and the latest dll version?


Elia Frate

1st. I don’t think you will receive any good advice if you want to develop for ~ 15 year old software that is not supported anymore for a long time.

2nd. The error is a default windows error:

Error code 1003 indicates an error in the the local time settings on your computer or device.

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Thanks for replying. Believe me, if I’m asking here it’s because it’s one of the best options I have, I’m trying everything. Maybe in this community there are some “old” devs from TS2 (the old forum closed early this year so I cannot even raise them in anyway).

Anyway the dll actually sends out error “-1003” and the only info I found about this is on stack overflow

they are saying its “ERROR_CAN_NOT_COMPLETE”, but what? The request? And why?
Also it’s not the same dll but i believe some codes are standard.