Twitch Integration doesnt work correctly

hey guy,
twitch integration doesnt work correctly since few days. Some of them get the groups, but not all. A week ago, its work fine :confused:

Does Teamspeak currently have problems?

thanks for you help <3

The service is working and so far we do not know of any problem here.

  • Check that the Twitch user is till bound to the server.

  • User should check in client that he can reach our services and that he sends the myTS features to your server (can be found in bookmark)


Everything worked about one week ago. There was no change. That’s why I am amazed at all of this. Individuals get the rights, but the majority no longer. All points that you have specified are available


As said before our services are working and we tested it.

You can not check the client part. The user who does not get any group needs to check this.
The only thing you can check is that the integration is still in your server and Tiers and their groups are still set.


Thanks for your help !

It’s just weird when it worked for 99% of users a week ago and now nobody gets anything, even though there was no change.

Everything was checked on our side. Our server connects normally with myteamspeak. Groups are all created and everything has been tested. The group receives a total of 2 users. 50 others don’t. All are successfully connected to myteamspeak and it is also shown in the options

One more thing: When you connect to myteamspeak and twitch, you get the following error message. After that, the Twitch name appears anyway.

Hi, its maybe becouse twitch got hacked.
Check this article and this reddit post.
I guess that’s why it is possible because it doesn’t allow you to connect a youtube account too.
The twitch may have temporarily disabled such function for safety reasons.
I’m just guessing.

No. Just as said we tested it and our services are working.
There is nothing wrong on our side. Nothing we can see at least.

Check server/client log for errors.
Try to rebind the account to the server.

The website error can be ignored.
Else the website wouldn’t get the Twitch username and the binding wouldn’t appear on Twitch