Two feature requests for the group chats

Hey folks,
I request two features to the new Teamspeak client.

1. Linking Teamspeak Servers with Groups
In group info (or where do you think fits best), there should be a region available where you can link one or more Teamspeak servers with a join button. That would be a great opportunity for interconnecting people with public groups, voice & decentralised chat

2. Adding a filter/search option to the groups
In some cases e.g. in large groups some informations are gone very quickly. So it would be nice if we could search for text or filter with regex or filter for users. Maybe if some messages are important maybe we can set them to sticky or something named the same and send such message to a local storage. Like the “Note to myself” in Singal or Telegram.

That’s it :slight_smile: Have a great day!